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Anna Hopps

photo by Mara Hopps
Anna Hopps was born and raised in the Twin Cities and has had a passion for storytelling all her life. Recently, she's been assisting with projects by a broad range of companies, including 20% Theatre Company and the Guthrie Theater. Her work is supported by a B.A. in Theater from St. Olaf College, and extensive study on topics such as performance ethics and the application of feminist theory. She's fascinated by stories that challenge artistic and social conventions, and loves performances that invest in the complicated, the unexpected, and the weird. In addition to her interest in the performing arts, Anna has over a decade of experience with graphic and web design (which is why she built this website). Most of her free time is spent writing or being a huge geek.
Sofia Lindgren Galloway
director and co-producer, Reinventing the Wolf
Sofia is a director and teacher living and working in the Twin Cities. She has spent the past two years assisting directors at professional theater companies such as Ten Thousand Things, The Jungle Theatre, Frank Theatre, and Theatre Pro Rata. Before that, she finished her B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Education from St. Olaf College, graduating with distinction and directing a production of Antigone for the department season. There, she took an independent study called Women On Stage with Jeanne Willcoxon resulting in a lecture about What makes a play "feminist". Sofia is interested in highly physical storytelling, complex female characters, and exploring the cracks, messes, and grey areas in life.

photo by Heidi Bork