Burntail Arts
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our history

Before anyone had ever said the name "Burntail Arts," founder Anna Hopps and fellow artist Sofia Lindgren Galloway spent a lot of time talking about things like theater and feminism and being young, aspiring artists in the Twin Cities. Chats turned into in-depth discussion turned into co-production of a new work for the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival, and Burntail Arts was born.

If you are reading this page, you are seeing a strange new creature take its very first steps into the world. At this moment in time, Burntail Arts is a small collective with a focus on production of works for projects like the Fringe Festival. It's also a well of potential energy, with big ideas and the ambition to become a lot more.

our mission

Technology is changing the way audiences consume media and interact with the arts, and those of us working at Burntail Arts think this is one of the coolest things about our current era. Social networking, the collision of new media with artistic conventions, the spawning of new genres and revolutionizing of what it means to be an artist or a collaborator or an audience- technology is galvanizing art and we're all about it.

This new, wildly interconnected state of media also means even more opportunity to understand our social history. At Burntail Arts, we believe in art as a megaphone for previously-unheard voices, as a catalyst for empathy and dialogue, and as a tool for addressing, challenging, and ultimately dismantling oppressive structures. The direct connection between audience and performer makes live theater a unique point of intersection for a multitude of voices and a community of listeners, for tradition and new technology, and for convention and invention.

Burntail Arts is dedicated to supporting and producing theater that makes full use of the opportunities afforded by live theater, and art that engages in social consciousness and social conscience. We would love it if you want to join us.