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As we look towards July 31st opening performance, the Burntail Arts team is doing everything we can to get Reinventing the Wolf up and flying! Right now, one of our biggest goals is raising the funds to pay our fellow artists, get the word out to potential audiences, and make sure we've got a quality product to put onstage. If you'd like to help us make all of that happen, we'd be so grateful for your support!

We are very grateful for the generosity we've already received; thanks to the efforts of folks like you, we reached our Indiegogo goal of raising $2200! That money covers nearly all of our budget for Reinventing the Wolf.

To tie up our last few loose ends (and take care of Indiegogo's fees of use), we are also hosting a cabaret at local Twin Cities coffee shop The Nicollet. For more information about the Crimson Cabaret, check out our Facebook event!

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